133 deaths and 8,141 new coronavirus infections in Argentina

Another 133 people died and 8,141 were reported with coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Argentina, which adds up to 126,390 deaths officially registered at the national level and 8,912,317 those infected since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported today. .

The health portfolio indicated that there are 1,101 hospitalized patients with coronavirus in intensive care units, with a percentage of occupancy of adult beds in the public and private sector, for all pathologies, of 39.1% in the country and 39. 9% in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires.

According to the Public Vaccination Monitor, the total number of doses applied amounts to 93,658,754, of which 40,357,588 received one dose, 36,398,360 received two, 3,039,530 an additional dose and 13,863,276 a booster dose, while the vaccines distributed to the jurisdictions reach 101,876,890 and those donated to 5,083,000.

Of the 8,912,317 infected, 8,694,508 were discharged and 91,419 are active confirmed cases.

The part specified that 90 men died, 56 in the province of Buenos Aires, 8 in the City of Buenos Aires, 2 in Chaco, 2 in Chubut, 2 in La Pampa, 1 in Misiones, 2 in Río Negro, 2 in Salta, 1 in Santa Cruz, 8 in Santa Fe, 1 in Santiago del Estero and 5 in Tucumán.

43 women also died: 9 in the province of Buenos Aires, 15 in the City of Buenos Aires, 2 in Catamarca, 1 in Chaco, 1 in Chubut, 1 in Corrientes, 1 in Entre Ríos, 1 in Jujuy, 1 in Neuquén, 3 in Salta, 1 in Santa Cruz, 3 in Santa Fe, 1 in Santiago del Estero, and 3 in Tucumán.

Today they reported 3,728 cases in the province of Buenos Aires; in the City of Buenos Aires, 634; in Catamarca, 38; in Chaco, 163; in Chubut, 137; in Corrientes, 73; in Cordova, 878; in Entre Ríos, 164; in Formosa, 75; in Jujuy, 17; in La Pampa, 107; in La Rioja, 279; in Mendoza, 183; in Misiones, 254; in Neuquen, 47; in Rio Negro, 86; in Salta, 19; in San Juan, 54; in San Luis, 20; in Santa Cruz, 48; in Santa Fe, 749; in Santiago del Estero, 26; in Tierra del Fuego, 72 and in Tucumán, 290.

The Ministry also indicated that 43,544 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours and since the beginning of the outbreak there have been 34,323,218 diagnostic tests for this disease.

The total accumulated by district indicates 3,483,301 cases for the province of Buenos Aires; the City of Buenos Aires, 1,000,139; Catamarca, 86,192; Chaco, 166,503; Chubut, 115,547; Currents, 131,319; Cordova, 955,375; Between Rivers, 198,601; Formosan, 112,620; Jujuy, 105,245; La Pampa, 104,958; La Rioja, 54,874; Mendoza, 269,906; Missions, 57,497; Neuquen, 167,062; Rio Negro, 145,344; Jump, 154,673; Saint John, 145,034; St. Louis, 133,393; Holy Cross, 86,856; Santa Fe, 734,343; Santiago del Estero, 124,664; Tierra del Fuego, 46,657 and Tucumán, 332,214.

Existing cases in the Malvinas Islands are included according to press information (due to the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is not possible to have our own information on the impact of Covid-19 in that part of Argentine territory) .

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