Alberto Fernández celebrated the presence and recalled that the pandemic “prevented us from enjoying the quality of education

President Alberto Fernandez highlighted today the return of the school presence and considered that the coronavirus «pandemic» prevented Argentines from «enjoying educational quality» and thanked the commitment of the teachers to «sustain» the educational system during the months of health emergency.

“It is good that we are recovering attendance after so many months. The pandemic prevented us from enjoying educational quality, classmates, friends and recreation, but we are coming back”, said the president when inaugurating the 2022 school year in the city of La Rioja.

In this sense, the head of state recognized the task carried out by the teachers and valued «the effort they made so that school days were not lost» when, due to the risk of contagion that existed in the classrooms, contents were dictated remotely.

“Never stop training and learning. Never stop studying and fighting. As a country, we need many generations of Argentines to prepare themselves more and better,» the president remarked at a ceremony that took place at the «Doctor Pedro Ignacio de Castro Barros» school in the capital of La Rioja.

The Governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, and the National Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, were present there.

In this framework, the President pondered «the value that the province has and the quality of important men and women that it gave to Argentina.»

“This is the province of Facundo Quiroga; Rosario Vera Peñaloza; of Joaquín V, González who was the first rector of the University of La Plata. Never forget that,” the President observed.

Finally, Fernández confirmed that the national government will acquire «one million more computers for the education system» in 2022, and assured that the intention is also that «teachers also have access to computers.»

Written by Jeremy

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