Felipe Fort assured that he wants to tell everything he lived with Gustavo Martínez before his death

The death of Gustavo Martinez, who was the legal guardian of the children of Ricardo Fort, shook the family of the chocolate company. Two weeks after the suicide of the personal trainer, the journalist Carlos Monti said that Felipe Fort (18) wants to go out and talk about what his life was like.

Martínez was Ricardo’s partner, and since the death of the businessman, in 2013, he had been the guardian of his children: Felipe and Marta, until He decided to throw himself off the 21st floor of the apartment in Belgrano where he lived with the teenagers.

Since then, a controversy arose over cross versions between the businessman’s family and Gustavo’s family. While the former said that man had everything he needed, relatives of the deceased said he had financial problems.

Ricardo Fort with his children Felipe and Marta, his former partner Gustavo Martínez and the family’s nanny. Photo: File.

In addition to that, it was learned that Fort’s former partner had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a year ago, so he was undergoing treatment. Furthermore, they revealed that suffered from a severe depression as a result of the pandemic.

The day after the incident, Felipe posted a strong message on his Instagram account against Gustavo Martinez.

Felipe and Marta Fort in the last goodbye to Gustavo Martínez. (MovilPress). Felipe and Marta Fort in the last goodbye to Gustavo Martínez. (MovilPress).

The only people who were always there for us were Marisa, Eduardo, César and friends. And more people left to name. Dad will welcome you with closed arms. Don’t think, don’t comment, you don’t know and you never knew,» said the first of the striking posts.

And he continued: «Yes, arms closed. A person who cannot finish ‘taking care of us’, with 10 days left until we turn 18. Do you consider Gustavo a good person? After what he did? While Martu and I were in the same apartment.»

Felipe Fort's message a few hours after Gustavo's suicide. Felipe Fort’s message a few hours after Gustavo’s suicide.

And he continued: «I appreciate having a mature mentality to take on this in such a short time. People who think without knowing what happened and without knowing how we lived the last 7 years”.

«I am 17 years old, think about it. I deleted the stories because there are people who think that my account was hacked when it is not. There are people who think otherwise when You have no idea of ​​my life in the last 7 years, he has no idea what happened either. Don’t think, just don’t think, «he controversially downloaded.

After these publications, the young man did not return to give statements on the subject. And he traveled with his sister Martita to the United States to celebrate 18 years with his uncle Eduardo Fort and other loved ones. While enjoying a few days in Miami, versions emerged that Felipe wants to go out and tell the whole truth about those «seven years» who lived with Gustavo.

Felipe Fort and Marta Fort on their 18th birthday in Los Angeles. Felipe Fort and Marta Fort on their 18th birthday in Los Angeles.

“The boys returned from Los Angeles, they are in Miami, and after a week they return to Argentina. According to one source, Felipe is going to speak when he arrives in the country”, revealed Monti in us in the morningto (El Trece, at 10).

«They told me that Felipe is going to tell everything he left itching through his posts after Martínez’s death and that will explain what the last years of living with Gustavo were like and what their relationship was like”, said the journalist and clarified that the information was confirmed by “someone close to them”.

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