Group rape in Palermo: new videos further complicate the situation of the accused

The cause for gang rape to a 20-year-old girl in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of palermo continues to add evidence to the file. While the six accused of the act continue to be detained, new videos of the moments before the attack were released that further complicate their situation.

The images, which were captured by the security cameras of the premises in the area, show how the young people walk near Calle Serrano at 1300, where the victim said he had been deceived. to escort the men to the car that was parked there. In addition, the young woman is seen walking with three of them.

These are the moments after the recording released by the City Police, which shows the woman when she walks with one of the accused and meets the rest in Serrano Square. In the video captured by this business, she is observed walking with difficulty to maintain balance, leaning on one of them.

Group rape in Palermo: who are accused of abusing a 20-year-old girl

The footage of Judge Marcos Fernández, in charge of the National Criminal and Correctional Court 21, was defined as «key pieces» to make a reconstruction of the hours before and after the fact that is being investigated as «aggravated sexual abuse«.

The six detainees left with the victim of the Bowling «Station No»located at 1,600 Thames Street, 300 meters from where the white VW Gol was and where the rape occurred.

Justice requests evidence for the investigation into the rape in Palermo

At the moment, sources in the case assured that there are seven videos in the file: five belong to businesses in the area and two to the Metropolitan Police. The Public Prosecutor’s Office released a statement on its website to request that those who have «films related to the case send them via link to the email [email protected]«, to incorporate them into the cause.

The National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 48, headed by Eduardo Rosende, intervenes in the case of group sexual abuse, which occurred in Palermo. The case is in charge of Judge Fernández, at whose disposal I know find the six detained men.

«Depending on the seriousness and particularities of the event, and in order to provide maximum protection to the victimthe prosecution works in coordination with the Secretariat of Institutional Coordination of the Attorney General and the General Directorate of Accompaniment, Orientation and Protection of Victims (DOVIC) «, they indicated.

One of the videos released by the City Police

This video is added to another released hours before. In a few seconds, the young woman can be seen when one of those involved approaches her and, after engaging in a brief conversation, takes her with the others. They both walk away while being followed.

On the other hand, it turned out that Angel Pascual Ramos (23 years), Tomas Fabian Dominguez (twenty-one), Lautaro Dante Ciongo Pasotti (24), Ignatius Round (22), Steven Alexis Cuzzoni (20) and Franco Jesus Lykan (24) are the accused for the act, and who were arrested by the neighbors.

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