Men who sully masculinity

03/02/2022 –

By Sergio Sinay.

Tomás Fabián Domínguez, 21 years old, Lautaro Dante Ciongo Pasotti, 24 years old. Ignacio Retondo, 22 years old. Steven Alexis Cuzzoni, 20 years old and Franco Jesús Lykan, 24 years old.

These are the detainees and defendants for the gang rape of a 20-year-old girl that occurred on February 28 in Palermo, in daylight. Their names should not only be repudiated by feminist organizations. These cowardly specimens challenge us males first.

They sully men who love their women with good love, who are nurturing fathers of their children, who maintain sexual relations in terms of equity and shared and consented pleasure. To the men who work for a better society, who show in life courage and spiritual testosterone, of that necessary to fight for justice, for respect, for social and economic equality, for peace and encounters, they insult the that honor diversity.

These inexcusable assholes violate not only a woman but the integrity of love. The first barrier to this type of scoundrels, which abound and dirty us, we must put above all the men. Each of these unforgivable makes all men suspect and accused. And they make us the target of hatred and resentment of those who win (Pyrrhic gains) with disagreements, with confrontation, with lack of love.

Silence and passivity in the face of garbage like this leave us in moral debt to our partners, friends, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, sisters, colleagues or even lovers. An inadmissible debt and that our consciences (which speak, even if we silence them) will have a hard time paying off.

You don’t have to be a feminist to confront them, denounce them and exclude them from any space worthy of a man who deserves to be called that. Nor should we agree with the most biased expressions of confrontational, exclusionary and intolerant feminism. It is enough to exercise a dignified manhood, to show spiritual courage, to feel in ourselves the offense caused in the other body, in the other person.

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