Rape in Palermo: one of the defendants had done workshops on «feminism and new masculinities»

The Palermo gang rape directly affected the political organization Militant Current Loyalty of Vicente López, which was part of Ignacio Retondoone of the young people accused of the act . “We have always been intolerant of gender violence. This is the first time of a dramatic event, «she told PROFILE Lucas Boyanovsky, councilor of Vicente López and director of UGL VIII PAMI of San Martin, who heads the organization.

The event was surprising because, in addition to having participated in a gang rape, Ignacio Retondo, sand had formed in feminism and new masculinity workshops, within the organization. This medium spoke with some of his colleagues, who preferred not to give his name given the seriousness of the events, and they agreed that «No one expected him to act that way.»

For Boyanovsky «what is most worrying is that the people who know him say that he had no indication of having a practice of this type.» “It makes us rethink a lot of logic because it is a criminal and aberrant act of which we had no indication that it could happen, «he said.

The young people who raped a girl in Palermo registered by the cameras

Retondo arrived at the political organization in 2021, to participate in the electoral campaign. «He was a peripheral militant, he did not have any kind of responsibility, or decision-making,» Boyanovsky explained. Other members said that «it approached the military» and that «it is an organization open to national, popular and feminist militancy», in line with what the vice president proposes Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Thus, he participated in various workshops on “feminism” and “new masculinities”. “They are meetings where triggers arise from real situations and different readings, where women participate but men also use it to reflect”, they told PROFILE from within the organization.

Although not required, militants are asked to participate in these meetings to «form the profile of militants that is needed”.

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This is how the rapists were arrested in Palermo

«Trainingly we constantly work on the profile of the militants, these facts go through the whole society, they are not resolved with a little workshop», analyzed the director director of UGL VIII PAMI of San Martín, about the unsuccessful result of the meetings in which Retondo participated. «We have to deepen the actions much more,» he emphasized.

What’s more, from the organization they assure that at all times «the courses were in line with what the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity proposed». “We are a space led mostly by women, we militate the Micaela Law. She caught us by surprise.”

The Loyalty Current Militant communiqués

Two hours after the fact Loyalty Militant Current of Vicente López they came out with a statement on social networks, which was “more conceptual”, according to Boyanovsky. In that text, the defendant who was part of the organization was not named, although they expressed «the greatest repudiation of those who committed this criminal act.»

Group rape in Palermo: a woman denounced that she was abused at the age of 14 by one of the detainees

“She was accompanying the compañeras that youthey have more authority on the subject the second is a few lines from me that I speak with the name and surname of the offender, «explained the PAMI official about the statement.

In that other text he charged directly against the former member of the political organization who was quickly released. “Since last year he has participated in activities of our organizationfrom which he has been immediately expelled, «he said about Retondo on Instagram and ratified it in dialogue with this medium.

A woman denounced that she was abused at the age of 14 by Retondo

Another axis that was striking in this case is that this does not seem to be the first episode of sexual violence for which Retondo is accused. On Wednesday morning a 21-year-old woman named Giuliana denounced that when she was 14 years old she was sexually abused by the same person.

«Now I’m 21 years old, but when I was 14 Ignacio Retondo abused me, clearly without my consent and I asked him please not to do it, since I did not want to and it was full of people, ”said the victim in a note withn Us in the morning. “Some of his friends covered for him, I don’t remember their names but at the time I thought the problem was me, since I was being cute. Years later I realized that he was abused,» he said.

Written by Jeremy

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