What is the Suicide Plan Monitoring Commission?

El Govern crea la Comissió de Seguiment del Plan de prevención del suicidio

Executive Council of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The Catalan Government has approved the creation of the Suicide Prevention Plan Monitoring Commission of Catalonia 2021-2025 as supervisory and control body of this plan, according to the agreements of the Consell Executiu del Govern de la Generalitat de Catalunya on Tuesday.

The commission is integrated into the Department of Health and has the participation of the departments of Social Rights, Education, Business and Employment, Justice, Interior, Equality and Feminism and Research and Universities of the Generalitat to «coordinate joint work«.

The functions of the Monitoring Commission are «ensure monitoring, evaluation and accountability» of the implementation of said plan as well as the continuous detection of improvement opportunities to respond to current needs.

The Commission will meet regularly to carry out continuous monitoring of the degree of deployment of the plan in Catalonia and «put into perspective the interdepartmental actions that are required at all times».

The Suicide Prevention Plan is a tool for address the «public health problem» derived from the increase in episodes of suicidal behavior in Catalonia in recent years, with the aim of reduce the number of cases as the associated stigma and also improve care for survivors.

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